“Unless we have 100% customer satisfaction, we must improve” (Horst Schulze)

Today we are ISO 9001 certified and continuously invests in improving its in-house quality system.

Thanks to constant improvement in production processes, continuous training of highly qualified staff, selection of high-quality raw materials and investment in technologically advanced equipment, high production standards are guaranteed.

All our components are manufactured to stringent criteria to ensure they satisfy quality and specifications. We implement throughout each production stage geometrical and quality controls, followed by specific dimensional measurements obtained with:

  • 3D coordinates measuring machines
  • Profile projector
  • Digital altimeter
  • Mechanical and magnetic base comparators
  • Micrometres, callipers, and digital height gauges for internal and external
  • Hardness and roughness tester

All control instruments are subject to regular maintenance operations and calibration. Specific precision measuring instruments on a regular basis are sent to specialist labs for maintenance and calibration.

On demand we accommodate requests for specific quality control plans. The results are provided in a report to customer.