Our compancy is specialized in the supply of mechanical components machined from bar, casting or mold. The production focuses on single pieces / samples, prototypes, spare parts and small batches made on commission of the customer in complete supply or on subcontracting.
We are structured to carry out the main mechanical processes of turning, milling, grinding, performed both on machining centers and on traditional machines, and secondary recovery ones such as drilling, boring and lapping. The machine park is organized to guarantee the following production capacity (in mm):
  • Turning 3≤D≤1100
  • Milling 1000x500x500
  • Tangential grinding 1000x500
  • Cylindrical grinding 1≤D≤250
  • Tolerance in turning and milling ± 0.02
  • Grinding tolerance ± 0.002
We can count on a solid collaboration with a wide network of specialized external suppliers to integrate the offer with
  • mechanical processes that cannot be carried out internally (e.g. broaching, toothing, deep drilling, electroerosion, planetary grinding)
  • heat treatments (tempering, case hardening and hardening, induction hardening, vacuum, gas nitriding, ionic, salt bath)
  • galvanic (decorative and hard anodic oxidation, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating)
  • surface finishes (phosphating, burnishing, varnishing)
  • welds
  • destructive and non-destructive tests
  • requalification of the material
Customer satisfaction is the core of our business. We collaborate with the customer right from the estimate stage to guarantee the best quality / price ratio. We offer a consultancy service aimed at satisfying every single request and guaranteeing solutions where the customer needs support in the choice of raw material and / or heat / surface treatments. We ensure great flexibility in the composition of the production structure and a high level of staff know-how to respond promptly to customer needs.